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Welcome to Evangel Author Services!

Evangel Author Services is a branch of Evangel Press. We understand that it's hard being an author -- and even harder being a publisher -- whether you're authoring books and self-publishing them or creating sales literature for your business or practice.

Author, businessperson, small publisher, self-publisher -- we can assist you at every stage of the process of creating, developing and producing your literature product -- from creative consulting on the structure, intent and content of what you're working on, through the endless details of moving your creation onto paper and into print, to warehousing and fulfillment, and right on through to creating a web presence that brings your creative product to the people who ought to be reading it or responding to it.

We're here to make your job easier, allowing you to do what you do best while we take care of the rest. "Helping you along the way" -- it's more than a motto.


Author Spotlight: Tom Langmyerauthor

Tom Langmyer was born in Buffalo, New York and has been fascinated with the Great Lakes from an early age. He has read about the lakes, traveled around them and spent much of his life near them. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Grove City College in Pennsylvania. For more than 25 years, he has worked in the field of broadcasting. Langmyer is currently Vice President and General Manager of WGN Radio in Chicago. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and several other organizations. He enjoys history, travel, reading, photography, cycling, kayaking and playing ice hockey. He is also a private pilot. Langmyer lives in the Chicago area with his wife and two children, and makes frequent trips back to the shores of Lake Erie.



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